Mandarin will return with the rings to the MCU

People saying he will be the main villain of the coming phase in the MCU. Mandarin with the rings power level is way up there. What do you think?

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what if he is a one shot villain being used to release/awaken fin fang foom

I just don’t see him as powerful enough to fuel a crossover multi movie main event. Even in the comics, every version of Iron Man including the one with Jim Rhodes who could barely figure out how to work the suit handled him pretty easily up until1988 where I’m stuck at reading right now since I’m putting in too much CHU time when I should be reading Iron Man issues.

Hmm…while I think the Mandarin is cool (& the rings), I can’t see Marvel going with him. The general populace would be like "rings/gotta get them all/powerful trinkets?..I thought Thanos & the “rings/gems were finished”. Guess we will see! I realize we all “get it” of course.

I’m always down for more Foom.