MANDO Mondays 12/14

Links for Mando Monday

Bo-Katan Kryze

Archive Tusken Raider

Archive Shoretrooper

Archive Imperial Hovertank Driver

Archive Imperial Death Trooper

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I merged, two topics same discussion gets confusing… :wink:

I was just going to post this too, lol. Looks like the Mandalorian is getting some love. I am glad that they are using some of the older figures again in this series. The Stormtroopers from this era are my favorite. Bo-Katan looks cool.

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Bo-Katan’s holster just looks off to me… but the rest is cool!

I was going to post this also. Back in stock to pre-order.

Pre-orders are live over at EntertainmentEarth:

Entertainment Earth


Hurk hurk huuuuuuuurk!!!

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Is Mando Mondays over?

No. Today was the last one of the year.

Brand new Black Series Dark Saber announced.

Boba Fett Black Series Helmet with new Mandalorian series paint deco.

New production run of the Vintage Collection Slave 1.

Hot Toys reveal of transport trooper with no pre-order

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