Manifest Destiny #40 Help

Hi all.

Does anyone have an extra copy or access to a single copy in their area that I could please purchase from you?

I pre-ordered this book months ago through DCBS but they canceled/refunded my purchase as “shortage not replaced”. I’ve been collecting this series from the beginning but now have a gap in my run as I can’t seem to find this book. I checked Midtown, TFAW, Graham Cracker, and a couple others but nobody has it available. No luck on eBay or Amazon either.

Can someone please help me out? I can make prompt payment via PayPal.


I can check my local shops next time I go. I don’t even recall this issue hitting stands. I was a big reader of this but the gaps started to kill the momentum. I’ve just been collecting the digital copies I get for review to read when it’s said and done.

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I’ll keep an eye open for it. What is it’s release date?

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January 1st I believe…

Thank you everyone.

I believe it released in January and #41 has already hit the shelves. I just figured I could go on eBay and pick it up but I cannot find it anywhere. There is one auction currently but I didn’t think it would be this difficult.

There is one particular shop that I will visit on Wednesday. This shop orders everything in excess. If the book isn’t ‘hot’ they will most likely have it.

Is it me, or does DCBS do this a lot?

I’ve never ordered from them, I actually never even here anyone mention them unless it’s a shortage issue.

I’d say it happens to me every few months. I’m also needing to track down Absolute Carnage #4 along with Manifest Destiny because of the exact same scenario.

At lease once a month (I have orders shipped monthly) I’m receiving books all out of order. For example, my February order had Batman Curse of the White Knight #7 and #5. The problem worsened when they changed location but it’s seems to be better now they’re back.

To answer your question though, yes it happens more than I’d like. I think the only time it really made me angry was when they shorted/cancelled my Ice Cream Man #1 and I had to pay inflated eBay prices because it was a series I planned to read and already had #2 & #3 on order. However, I’d say most of the books I receive from them are all 9.4 - 9.8 candidates so it’s hard to leave after always receiving damaged books from other large online companies.


If your Wednesday stop produces this book please let me know. I can pay via PayPal right away and of course could add a little something as a finders fee =)

Thanks to everyone who’s willing to help. It’s beyond appreciated.

There was the one one eBay you mentioned and midtown had a low grade copy as well. Yeah thats pretty scarce on first look. Sweet cover as well.

Reminds me of Watership Down. Cool cover.

Also if you need it to read, let me know… I can… umm… digital…version… hrrmmmm… yeah!

I called one shop that I thought may have it. They didn’t. I have one more local shop, the big one, where I may find that for you. I’ll keep my eyes open for AC4 too. Might as well send both if I can find them. :beers:

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I remembered to bid on the lone eBay auction and won! Sold for $6.50 shipped. Pretty good for a book that’s been a ghost. Now of course there’s one BIN for about $18 dlvd.

Thanks again to everyone who looked in their area!