Marauders #15 (Just a striking cover)

I thought this was really unique. Not expensive or anything, just thought maybe others would also like for a pre-order.

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You’re right, that is a dope cover. And with a white spine should be easy to press to 9.8s. I kinda wish the x of swords banners were way smaller than they are, imo they take up way too much space on the covers.

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I was coming to post this… I dont even read this but the cover deserves a purchase from me.

Marauders 15 Pre-sale

Speaking of dope covers, the B cover looks like they all overdosed on coke.


I agree wolfie def looks like had a few 1 on 1s.

:rofl: That never came across my mind and now I can’t think otherwise.

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Changed it up from a fast-ball special to an 8-ball special.