March Previews 2021 - DC Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books coming out of March Previews for the DC.

The list isn’t huge for DC but there’s a few winner books for me, either they’re potential good reads or have a cover that catches my eye.

Future State: Gotham #1 James Stokoe Variant is just a great looking cover. Big fan of Stokoe’s work. I’ll probably pick this one up just for the cover, really don’t have any desire to read it myself. The regular cover A by Putri is pretty awesome as well, so don’t overlook that one as well. Maybe this title has a few surprises but I’m not holding my breath with any type of hope.

Okay, it’s nothing new or hasn’t really be done already but I do like Finch’s cover art most of the time. As a Joker fan, I can appreciate this one for Joker #3.

Mister Miracle is back again with a new series by Brandon Easton. Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom #1 comes out this May. Let’s hope Easton can live up to the bar of standard that King did with this character.

Batman Black & White #6 has a pretty awesome looking Putri variant. We need more Putri.

Batman The Detective #2 is a new title I’m hoping gets Batman back to his original roots, being a detective. Plus I’m digging the covers so far. Plus it’s nice these aren’t freaking $5.99 and up books…

Teen Titans Academy #3 (Cover B - Philip Tan Card Stock Variant) is just a pretty cool Tan cover with Red X on it.

Wonder Girl #1 is a book I wouldn’t probably bother with on most occassions but I do like me some Joelle Jones. Her art is fantastic and her writing is pretty spot on as well. She’s one of the few creators out there that can both draw and write, doing both well.

I was a avid Legends of the Dark Knight reader and collector back in the day. Probably one of my favorite DC titles outside of Marvel. I’m hoping this next volume starting with Legends of the Dark Knight #1 doesn’t disappoint.


Batman is my 2nd fav after Spider-man… so all these titles are a buy for the read. Wonder-Girl has me in to see what they do with Yara. The Miracle Man is a buy just for the cool cover alone. Teen Titans I’m in to see where it goes.

Legends of the Dark Knight #1-just put that on my order. Loved the cover, I think there is a new villain as well?

I don’t like the joker “card” cover. Mainly because of the ribbon like tie around his non existent neck. What’s holding it there?

Well… His head is also floating. I’m assuming his neck is still attached but the angle makes it unseen.

Oh so it was like a ribbon tied to his ballon head that’s come loose? Hopefully no one rubs it on their head. Reminds me of the colonel from kfc. I mean I like it except for that.

If you look at example Joker playing cards art, alot of them show the clown head with their ruffly looking thing they usually have… Joker always wears that purple tie, probably what they were going for, the look of actual joker card in your standard deck. :slight_smile: