Marvel All-Time Favorite Story or Story Arc

The God Butcher, King’s Vision and DnA’s cosmic saga are up there as some of the best I’ve read, but my personal all-time favourite is either the original Young Avengers run, as I got into comics during Disassembled and was hooked by this fresh, optimistic team of relatable heroes my age - or the Unbelievable Gwenpool, the first run I collected after getting back into reading a couple of years ago.

Most of the OG team have aged up now, and I loved Gillen’s run, so hoping we get a new Young Avengers title soon (ideally with Gwen!), before the likely MCU film/series in a few years.

Very excited by what’s happening in Wandavision, and thoroughly enjoying the guesswork and speculation around when, where, and which other Young Avengers will appear.

We truly are the luckiest fandom, seeing our friends and heroes come to life on-screen.

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Can’t argue with that Thor God of Thunder arc…I usually do not re-read comics, but I have read those a few times, plus the digital version once.

THE BOOK OF DOOM is my fav!

Single Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #121
Arc: Fantastic Four #36-60. Nothing else in super-heroes even comes close.

Favorite Modern: Probably Tom King’s Vision or Brubakers Winter Soldier run in Captain America.

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Silver Surfer: Requiem is probably one of my favorite reads of all time

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Tough to nail down all time favorite because they are always changing depending on my mood

I did enjoy the “Unthinkable” arc in Fantastic four #67-71(500). Just Doom being Doom.
Been a while since I read it so I should go back and see how it holds up.

Another one I liked when I first started collecting way back when was a little after Marvel/Epic put out the original Elf Quest run but in color! After a few issues I was hooked so much I couldn’t wait for the next monthly so I bought all four of the oversized collected editions! I read it as fast as I could until I finished all four! The original “binge watching”!

That is another comic series I need to re-read to see if it still holds a candle to when I was a kid. I remember it being a fun, exiting comic with great art!