Marvel All-Time Favorite Story or Story Arc

What is your all-time favorite Marvel story or story arc? This is from all era’s, golden, silver, copper, bronze, modern, etc.

I think most know this as I’ve stated it numerous times but mine still has to be Thor: God of Thunder issues #1-11, the God Butcher and God Bomb story arcs.

These were just downright great reads with some great Ribic interior artwork. This series is what made me a Thor fan.

Thor God of Thunder TPB Vol. 01 God Butcher
Thor God of Thunder TPB Vol. 02 Godbomb

In the 70’s Godzilla’s last 8 or so issues
In the 80’s Uncanny 148 thru 170 including the New Mutants issues from that period. That was a ton of greatness crammed into a space of 22 issues, Annuals and New Mutants beginnings.
In the 90’s Inferno which I didn’t get to read until then.
In the 2010’s Dark Phoenix Saga (All I caught at the time of print was 136)

Todd McFarlane ASM
Jim Lee Xmen
Maximum Carnage
Original Sandman and Preacher.
F4 #36-#60

I’m going to have to go with GI Joe starting at issue #21 & ending about #31. Just amazing & a run that really got me vested in comics.
This run contains the “silent issue”, 1st Stormshadow, origin of Snake Eyes, a sentimental Joe funeral, 1st Zartan, Joes actually getting injured (Gung ho, Spirit, Airborne), & numerous other key 1st appearances such as Firefly, Mutt/Junkyard, Roadblock).
Great art & storytelling! Fond memories just typing this! (We alao get our 1st introduction too Snake-eyes wolf- Timber!) :slight_smile:

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You listed several, which one is the favorite of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

So out of them all, which tops the list? That was my intention… the all time favorite from the Marvel list… :slight_smile:

Aren’t those DC and not Marvel? :wink:

That’s the problem, the Times, They Be a Changing!!! What’s important one decade isn’t as relevant in another.

Another 10 years and something else will make a strong showing, maybe DCeased if DC doesn’t Bendis it before they finish. I read the Dark Phoenix Saga around 2011 and in a 10 year period were getting two badly done movies based on it so even older stuff can come back around in relevance again.

40’s war issues I find frequently so stereotypical and offensive in their portrayal of Germans, Japanese and African Americans I can’t hardly sit thru reading them anymore. Even Teen Titans from the 60’s is slam loaded with stuff I’m not comfortable with like the Olympics races with all white people and Wonder Girl always referred to as Wonder Chic, Wonder Babe or Wonder Doll.

I don’t remember specifics, but I loved the Sinister Six story from Larsens ASM run when I was a kid. W/O looking, I believe it was issues 335-341, or something like that. The villian team-up was just so much fun for me. I really need to go back and read it now.
As for stories that I have read since I got back into reading comics 4-5 years ago, I would pick Millars original Old Man Logan run in Wolverine or Planet Hulk. Both are fantastic, classic reads.

If just one F4 #36-60 In this time we get Medusa Black Bolt, All the rest the Inhumans, Dragonman, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Black Panther, And Klaw 1st appearances. Interwoven within these first appearances is the best Dr. Doom story. From an iconic standpoint few runs can compete.


I would have to say the dark Phoenix saga in xmen 129-138 or you could take that run up to 143 or 146. Great run with Claremont and Byrne/Cockrum. Introduces Kitty Pride and the Hellfire Club. Great early Wolverine moments. Jean’s death and Cyclops quitting. Then goes right into Days of Future Past and a great alien invasion of the mansion story. Comic perfection.


Kravens Last Hunt

'nuff said :slight_smile:


So I am not too familiar with many Marvel stories as I am fairly new to regularly reading comic books themselves, and most of my familiarity lies within the Batman realm. Most of my Marvel knowledge comes from animated shows, the MCU, and general geek speak with friends. This is SUPER embarrassing for me to admit, but before VERY RECENTLY (a few weeks to a couple years depending on the character or group) I didn’t even know that characters like Black Panther, Black Knight, Knull, Squadron Supreme, Illuminati, etc where even things that existed.

That being said I REALLY enjoyed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier story and Bucky becoming Cap. I got turned onto that series by Collector’s Ink back in 2008ish… that story has some personal meaning to me.

Also, I know it is very recent but I can’t express how much I enjoyed Thanos Wins. This is the graphic novel that got me adding Donny Cates books to my pull list and got me thoroughly excited to read all of his Marvel works. I know it sounds super cliché to hop on the Cates bandwagon but I firmly sitting in the front row (at least when it comes to Marvel).

Speaking of all this, as excited as I am for Infinite Frontier and Taylor’s Nightwing, the continuation or Tynion’s Batman, and Williamson’s Robin titles I MAY be more excited for Marvel. If nothing else the mining for spec books, MCU theories, and the anticipation of what may come around the corner next (I can’t wait for every new episode of Wandavision!) keeps me thoroughly entertained and fully engaged.

I find myself wanting to know more about and explore the Marvel Universe. This is all coming from a traditionally DC guy. I think this is GREAT for the industry because competition breeds improvement and excellence. The more great stories we can get, the better off we all are! I HOPE that DC gets on the level of the MCU when it comes to shows and movies, because Marvel has grabbed my attention the way Batman and the Bat Family has held my comic book attention.

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Daredevil Born Again story arc.

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World War Hulk



It’s a tie between Grant Morrison’s run on, “New X-Men,” and Charlie Huston’s run on, “Moon Knight.”


Fantastic Four Vol 1 48-50


Simonson run on thor. Followed by cates thanos arc

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Daredevil - Born Again - Hooked me on comics form that moment.

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Great minds…

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