Marvel Announces New Monthly Comic, Han Solo & Chewbacca

Maleev Cover A
Hughes Variant
Noto Variant
Shalvey Variant


I like this… really feeling the covers too. The Noto looks real good.


yep so 2-3 1st apps in the book

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The whole thing could be a huge misdirection, but we have to take it at face value for now, don’t we?

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pretty much, he’s on cover of 3 so we know he sticks around for several issues

Might just be the long con. Yet another Tobias Beckett in Han’s life.

if its his real dad he’ll die before series end

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Oi! Blur that text!

Star Wars Han Solo Chewbacca #4 - Krrsantan on the cover… Whoop whoop!!

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