Marvel Bronze-Age horror/thriller titles

I am trying to complete a list of Marvel horror titles which debuted in the Bronze-Age. This is what I have so far:

Chamber of chills
Chamber of darkness
Creatures on the loose
Crypt of shadows
Dead of night
Ghost rider
Giant-size chillers
Journey into mystery (2nd series)
Marvel Chillers
Monsters on the prowl
Son of satan
Supernatural Thrillers
Tomb of darkness (begins with #9, continued from Beware)
Tomb of Dracula
Tower of shadows
Uncanny tales (2nd series)
Vault of evil
Weird wonder tales
Werewolf by Night
Where monsters dwell
Worlds Unknown

I haven’t included Giant-Size titles which are either 1-shots (Giant-Size Creatures, Giant-Size Chillers feat. Dracula) or are Giant-Size versions of existing ongoing titles (Giant-Size Werewolf, Giant-Size Man-Thing, etc).
I have chosen to include Giant-size Chillers because it has multiple issues and is not the Giant-Size version of Marvel Chillers.

Have I missed any? Is my logic for excluding most Giant-Size titles asinine? Do you have any #1s of those titles for sale?

US1. That was a HORROR

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“ible” :slight_smile:

On a serious note, Godzilla King of the Monsters may count as horror??

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Here is what I found online
Tower of Shadows 1-9
Tower of Shadows Special (1972)
Chamber of Darkness 1-8
Chamber of Darkness Special (1972)
Chamber of Chills 1-25
Crypt of Shadows 1-21
Dead of Night 1-11
Fear 1-31
Beware 1-8
Uncanny Tales 1-12
Vault of Evil 1-23
Creatures on the Loose 10-37
Monsters on the Prowl 9-30
Supernatural Thrillers 1-15
Tomb of Darkness 10-23
Where Creatures Roam 1-8
Where Monsters Dwell 1-38
Weird Wonder Tales 1-22
Worlds Unknown 1-8
Journey into Mystery 1-19
Frankenstein 1-18
Tomb of Dracula 1-70
Man-Thing 1-22
Werewolf by Night 1-43
Marvel Spotlight 2-11
Ghost Rider 1-81
Giant Size Werewolf 1-5 (#1 Giant Size Creatures)
Giant Size Dracula 2-5 (#1 Giant Size Chillers)
Giant Size Man-Thing 1-5

Zombie Tales 1-10 Ann #1
Tomb of Dracula 1-6
Dracula Lives 1-13 Ann #1
Vampire Tales 1-11 Ann #1
Haunt of Horror 1-5
Haunt of Horror Digest 1-2
Legion of Monsters #1
Monsters Unleashed 1-11 Ann #1

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I really like the Bronze Age magazines. Love a lot of Bronze Age horror mags from all companies actually.