Marvel Celebrates 100 Years of Disney With What If Disney Covers

Starting in Jan 17th 2023 there will be 12 variant covers in total featuring Disney characters in a “What If” style mashup of iconic Marvel covers. I’ll be all over this, this is one variant program I can get behind. Love to have them all.


They’re neat and I like them. But is it really so hard to match them to the books instead of slapping avengers and fantastic four covers onto ASM?

Edit: There’s also a hulk #1 homage on another ASM. SMH. Hulk, avengers, and fantastic four all have ongoings that will lbe coming out when these release it literally makes no sense to me. ASM must be selling like :poop: for marvel to be doing this.

It’s not like there’s a shortage of iconic Spider-Man covers they could have used with Mickey and friends…

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Haven’t seen these disney/marvel cross over covers mentioned here. 1 cover comes out every month for 2023. I’d suspect a large print run but the collectibility is baked in. It starts with ASM #19 and #21


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I thought we did briefly discuss them somewhere…most were upset because they’re all amazing Spider-Man covers…why wouldn’t you make the hulk homage a hulk book, FF1 homage a FF book, etc.

Im sure they’ll see, but That alone turned me off.


Yup, all of those series have ongoings currently running, there is literally 0 reason not to match them up to each series other than trying to inflate ASM print run numbers.

I know the first 3 are amazing spider-man but i haven’t read anywhere that all 12 are going to be the spiderman title

No. I suppose not. But not off to a promising start.

Going to Combine with the already existing thread on this topi .

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i am thinking these will do very well, regardless. Marvel has always done well with collectors/flippers collecting sets of books like this. Individually, not so much, but the sets are desirable.

For the reasons that have been shared, I think some people may sleep on these. Garbage or not, I’m in on them. The covers do look pretty great, IMO.

And…they took the time to not plaster the actual comic title all over the place, which I also like.

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They’re growing on me…I agree the best thing they can do is not let the ASM trade dress ruin the cover art/homage.

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Just wait for the store-exclusive virgin covers! I kid…maybe.

if there is would odds are they would be for disney parks

Interesting idea…imagine the prices for those!

*adds in admission price + price of book + $25 burger for lunch= instant next Miles!


Infinity gauntlet is a must for me

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They really are just slapping all of these onto ASM issues, smh