Marvel Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with InHyuk Lee Variant Series

Marvel Comics is celebrating its Asian American and Pacific Islander heroes in a series of stunning variant covers by InHyuk Lee. The last year has seen Marvel celebrate the importance of diversity in its comic book universe, with a series of Marvel Voices one-shots. The company is continuing this trend in August’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with some amazing variant covers starring fan-favorite characters.
8 covers in total here are the first 5 revealed. Not sure of spec just some cool covers. I like grabbing these themed cover sets.


Some of the covers a little saucy!

the silk one :slight_smile:

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Hellions and Captain Marvel covers a good.

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I really like these.

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The silk cover reminds me of all the people who wear their masks on their chins out and about. I like that cover though.

All kinds of wrong for Inhyuk to put a dog collar on Kamala like she’s in Guantanamo

Huh? Unless she’s behind bars or chained to the wall in a cell, nothing wrong with that art…

Sorry my lack of knowledge, but who is the gal on the x-men cover with the robot behind her?
She really reminds of the character “Diva” from the Overwatch video game but obviously isn’t.

I think these are great. The thing about Silk especially is that she pretty much owns that whole sexuality thing. The whole pheromones deal she has. I wonder if they will bring that to her on screen presentation of powers and such. Funny the “control” she has over ole Peter Parker in those early appearances in ASM. Hardly finds time to fight crime as they are always in the sack.


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Some of these covers are on FOC this week and they revealed the HULK cover. STL195141

Kpop variant

spot on! :smile:

For the bubble gum fans

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