Marvel Comics 1000 Gets Shattered

$30… no thanks…

Did I ever tell you I missed buying one of the originals for $800 8 years ago. My bid didn’t go through with 4 seconds on the clock, biggest comic buying regret.

Nice looking cover but $30 for a 3k print run? Ouch!

Yeah, not a great price for a 3000k per run.

But hulk 181 (weapon h #1)!and ASM 300 (ASM 800) homages were priced about that. Isn’t this issue a $9.99 cover retail?

I thought the Hulk and ASM300 were $20. I didn’t buy the Hulk though.

I bought two copies of ASM 800 shattered for $69.98. That didn’t include shipping.

I remember the hulk was a little less as it was offered online for $25 plus shipping, but it was also offered at the little big comic convention up in concord NH for $20 which I think was discounted as you paid $5 for your entry ticket. Something like that. I think if I searched the CHU archives I could find it.

Here it is. Looks like $29.99 through eBay store.

Hmmm… I’d have to dig but I’m pretty sure I paid less than that… but then again, I don’t recall what I did yesterday so…

May 11, 2018. I think they sold out within 24 hrs.

Steve Geppi strikes again …