Marvel Comics 1000 Skottie Young cover

Ok im going to throw this out there and ill admit its pretty weak specwise. Marvel comics 1000 is said to introduce a new character and the kid holding the comic that the heroes are coming out of is the only new character that ive been able to find on any of the covers. Its insane but i think im going to preorder a skottie young cover. Kind of embarrased to even post this.

I’d be surprised if it’s the kid on the cover of that. I think it’s going to be one of those new characters that just won’t make any covers.

With a $10 price tag as well, geez… I’m not even sure the new character will take off and that’s some gambling at such a high cover cost.

I was only going to buy one and ended up with the young because of the ultralongshot chance that the kid with the comic turns out to be a reoccuring character. I saw on one of the articles that there is one character thats in the comic from beginning to end. Thats what fed my line of thinking. But my more rationale side is telling me that the kid just represents comic readers in general being kids at heart. 10$ though im only buying one of them…ive got 100s of other books on my watchlist to throw money at.

Yeah, it’s definitely one of those books you might see on my drek picks as, buy the cover you like most, leave it at that. :slight_smile:

But you know, you could be right. The kid I could see them portraying as the real hero throughout the book. Be one of those cheesy yet feel good type of books.

If i did happen to be right it would be a huge slug to my stomach for not pulling the trigger on extra copies. Kind of like that horrible feeling that i get when i remember holding books in my hand at cover price that i cant afford now.

Oh I know that feeling. There’s been several books I remember holding, carrying around the store and then ultimately putting back before checking out.

Kind of like that horrible feeling that i get when i remember holding books in my hand at cover price that i cant afford now.

Almost every week you’ll get the chance to miss something big and order too many of something that’s a dude. I just bailed out of Captain Marvel 10 and Miles Morales 10 since neither really seems to offer anything new that should sustain a high price. It appears Spider-men II #1 and CM 1 and 8 are to be the best shots of seeing anything from those titles go up and stay. Last week it was hoping Spawn 300 A would be a Spoiler cover but it turns out it wasn’t and I made the right call bailing on any extra over purchasing of A and B to get an extra L.

With 24 covers plus store variants I expect, only the A cover should be ordered heavily so any of them could be a good pick. With no name the Kid on the Young cover could be anyone so there wouldn’t be a way to say it’s 1st cover without an artist statement saying as much. It could just as easily be a depiction of Toby, the kid from the Marvel 1985 series or just generic. Keep in mind that sometimes the covers don’t ship looking like the solicitations either. Just last week we learned they changed my gorgeous Supergirl Hello Kitty Cover to puppies going to school. :crying_cat_face: