Marvel Comics’ Incoming #1 Has a Secret Variant Cover For Boxing Day


Heads up for boxing day CHU family. Be well everyone… :metal:

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What is boxing day?


UK Holiday… celebrated in Canada too.

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That’s cool. That’s like Mexico’s second Christmas which is celebrated on January 6th. Known as “Dia De Los Santo Reyes” I think it translates to “Day of the Holy Kings or Saint Kings”

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Hey, I want two Christmases!!

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Rocky marathon for 24 hours.:boxing_glove::boxing_glove::grinning:

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Heck yeah… That would be awesome. A Christmas Story for 24 hours straight followed by all of the Rocky movies the next day…

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I had no idea that Americans did not ‘celebrate’ Boxing Day. My birthday falls between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, so, in one week I have Christmas, Boxing Day, my birthday then New Year’s. Let the good times roll.

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I’m down for some Rocky movies.

Right now my boys and I are rewatching all of the star wars movies. We just finished watching the Empire strikes back.


Watch them in machete order!

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