Marvel Legends Series Web-Man

It’s no April Fools when the Marvel Legends Series Web-Man swings in! A product of Dr. Doom’s Twin Machine, Web-Man is the opposite of Spider-Man in every way. Pre-order available NOW on #HasbroPulse and at Fan Channel retailers in Canada this fall.

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Web-Man: $22.99, ships in October.

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I merged yours with spidey’s, he beat you… :wink:

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Had to buy this to go with it 15230


The Spidey Super Stories with the Thanos-Copter has to be my favorite. I also think a cat was involved?

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Yeah that Thanos copter is comic book gold.

Thanks to your picture I found two copies for cheap :grimacing:

LoL that’s what I did soon as the figure was announced ordered a copy.

I saw the toy earlier today in my emails but had no clue it was an actual comic character