Marvel Made Chris Claremont X-Men Bundle

No idea if anyone here is interested in this but got the email from Marvel and thought I would share. It’s a true collectors type thing and pricey at $200 plus shipping.

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I was checking that out this morning as well. Definitely for you X-Men Claremont fans out there.

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Very cool. I wonder if they would do it for other creators.

They have. The first one of these Marvel Made things they did was of Skottie Young. No idea why they picked him to kick this off but whatever. His stuff is kind of popular but still.

Did not know that, interesting!

Yea I didn’t like the first bundle. I was like, it’s kind of just a bunch of pins. Who is paying $200 for these pins?? Then of course the pins have sold for between $25-$50 each on Ebay. lol

Looks cool. Marvel Unlimited Subscribers Also get a exclusive copy of Wolverine #6. Cover is based of Days of Future Past. Some incentive there, but that $200 price tag is too much for me.

It’s definitely for the collectors. Most if not all the comics that are included in the book I can read already with the MU app. It’s a pricey book with a fancy slip cover, with a few incentives and autograph. It’s neat but yeah, I’d rather spend $200 on something else. Claremont was great but I’m also not the biggest X-Men fan.

Blasphemer!! How dare you not be a huge X-Men fan. Lol.