Marvel Masterpiece Trading Card Variants

Marvel Masterpiece Trading Card Art Returns for New Variant Covers

Joe Jusko’s '90s hero portraits, created for the original Marvel Masterpieces trading cards, are returning in a stunning set of variant covers.

The twenty-two variant covers will reprint Jusko’s art throughout October 2021, as revealed in a recent announcement from Marvel, drawing on the very first set of Marvel Masterpiece trading cards.

These covers will begin selling on October 6.

The first available ones will be Amazing Spider-Man #75 , Captain Marvel #33 , Excalibur #24, and Hellions #16 .


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I pulled a sweet Jusko sketch in marvel premiere in the day. Wasn’t my “cup of tea” at the time and was also going through a divorce and needed money. Going to be tough but I’ll try and find scans

They did this with Jim Lee trading cards, didn’t they? Made them variants? Interesting.

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Yeah. Jim’s were good but I feel these are more artistic. Jim rushed a few of those since they were cards.