Marvel Masterworks 300th Variant Covers

Dropping in Feb A few titles on FOC this week. No real spec (unless the guts have something happening) just some cool covers from what I’ve found. ASM & Daredevil titles are pulllist books for me anyway. Captain Marvel cover and theres supposed to be a few more covers no images yet.


What is a “MArvel MasterWorks 300th Anniversary”?

  • In honor of the 300th edition of Marvel Masterworks , Marvel is releasing an exclusive comic shop variant cover with Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck Vol. 1 coming in March 2021.
  • The Marvel Masterworks series started over thirty years ago and has collected well loved volumes of classic characters including Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Woman, Dazzler, and more in hardcover collections.
  • Howard the Duck will receive his first Marvel Masterworks volume in March 2021, the first collection of stories from the character which includes the following comics:
    • Howard the Duck (1976) #1-14
    • Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) #12
    • Material from Fear (1970) #19
    • Man-Thing (1974) #1
    • Giant-Size Man-Thing (1974) #4-5
    • Foom (1973) #15
  • Fans can pre-order the standard edition cover now from Amazon.
  • Be on the lookout for this comic shop exclusive variant closer to the release date.

Thank you!

No problem. I didnt know what it was either when I 1st seen the covers.

It’s just strange that Marvel is excited enough about this milestone internally to publish variants for it, but I would assume a really large percentage of the buying public have no idea what they are talking about.

We’re celebrating reprints. Got it.

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I have zero interest in these. I don’t even care if they heat up and become worth millions… (well, maybe a little but I’ll get over it)

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Lol it’s just another shelf space piece. when I worked for coca cola our tactic from corporate when we came out with Vanilla coke was to occupy the shelves. Have more product to crowd the shelf to take away from competition. I assume marvel is applying the same tactic.

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meh, should have gotten a jusko or ross to do them

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But Coke and Pepsi have contractual rights to shelf space, as I understand it. They are allocated a certain number of “slots” in the soda aisle as a condition to grocery distribution right?

Nope each store alternates sales weeks BUT the more product coke has the more shelving they can take. I started in the company as a merchandiser who stocked shelves and coolers. Our game plan was having more variety on the shelf than Pepsi. If Pepsi had 6 slots we would go 8. Taking from whoever else Mt dew RC etc. So if Pepsi was slotted 6 and we had 6 we were told put up more. And let’s take shelf space out the equation. The fact we have 6 different cokes is for the purpose of brand saturation so our incentives and perks made you buy the variety now not to let the product go bad you would purposely move other items to place our products on the shelf. I assume/guess Marvel does the same. At least looks that way in the shop. DC as well with Batman.

I worked in a soda factory one summer when I was in collage. We made the syrup for the bars and restaurants. I don’t drink too my soda these days, especially fountain soda.

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I steer clear of soda but I love Dr. Pepper so every couple of weeks I might pick one up… other than that, soda is the devil. It’s just liquid candy calories that causes so many health issues in America.

And yes, I worked fast food in my highschool days. Probably a reason I just don’t do fast food anymore… the stories… that’s all I’ll say to anyone, just don’t eat fast food, it might be good to eat but there’s a billion other reasons to not eat it ever.


I met with a nutritionist this week to work on my weight. The main thing was to not drink my calories and drop soda as completely as I can.


Yup. Soda is nothing but calories and sugar in a can. It’s easy to drink your daily consumption of calories in a day very quickly. I drink coffee in the mornings and then it’s nothing but water the rest of the day and night, unless I do some yard work, then I drink the occasional beer (also social drink beer) but a 6 pack can last weeks in my fridge.


It’s been 3 years for me since I last drank soda. I do drink corbonated water for stomach aches every now and then. And orange juice but I delute it with water. I gotta say that giving up soda has been the best thing that has happened to me and and the wife. My boys never drank soda so that’s the big plus