Marvel Missing out

I am way behind in my movie watching, but sat down and watched the second Spider-Verse movie tonight. What really confuses me is why Marvel hasn’t done books in the Spider-verse Movie universe. They do have the Spider-Verse comics but certainly do not touch on the level of story telling or characters that the movies do. I would totally buy a book set in the Spider-Verse movie universe. Now I am not discounting the fact that the ones put out may, they are just crappy compared to the actual movies

Just pondering but feel free to jump in with thoughts.


Not Marvel but I started watching Scavengers Reign on Max. It’s a sci-fi anime. It’s been great so far.

I sincerely believe Across the Spiderverse may be one of my top 10 animated movies ever. I’ve watched it many times and though books would be great, the animation styles, voice acting, music and writing do it for me and it would be really difficult to duplicate that in a monthly series.

Nicoletta Baldari probably comes closest to the visuals and color, in my opinion.

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marvel comics management is clueless
they think we want ~10 moon knight cover
they also cant figure out how to remove cover price from foil covers

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How about just focusing on good stories and amazing art made with pencil and paper? Sadly, the days of quality story telling in the vein of Perez, Byrne, etc are gone.

Now it is all about capitalizing on movies, podcasts, etc.


I mean, I do, but that’s my favorite character so I understand opinions vary.

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