Marvel Movie apst and Future Trailer

SO awesome! This video gets me hyped for the next movies. Stan Lee speach is amazing.


I fixed your link, if you do the “share” link from YouTube and not the URL link in browser, it loads so you can just watch from within the CHU forums. :wink:

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Thank You!

I’m so glad they used the “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all” moment from GoTG 2. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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So is Lucy Nguyen…the newest character in Black Widow #6…also going to be in the new Black Widow movie? I’ve read a couple articles that sort of allude to that and I can’t quite tell if we got a glimpse of her in that quick spot of if everything was just Yelena along with Natasha?

If Lucy Nguyen (Marigold) is going to be in the movie…then Black Widow #6 will really become a pretty big deal of a book.

Shooting darts, but just curious if anyone had seen anything on it?

No one listed on IMDB but not everyone is named in the credits, with what could be a few that have potential as the character.

I don’t think they’d introduce a character that literally just appeared in the comics so soon into the movies, as much as speculators wish that could happen


Well the movies were supposed to come out first. The timeline of events and releases are thrown off.

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I don’t think so either but yes, it could be a character that the writer maybe already saw in the movie (with inside access) and so on…

Well…fun to think on. I’m definitely not passing on the next couple of BW issues.
Not even sure if this would be Lucy or Yelena (or maybe even Anya who is showing up in the series) lol
If it’s Lucy .then it would be her 1st cover (I think lol).

yeah, I mean my first thought is certainly Yelena as well…but they are definitely bringing Lucy (marigold) into the mix per issue #6. Purely conjecture/spec…just sort of pondering out loud on the forum.

everything looks amazing! m ready lol

Not necessarily. It is DC, but in Batgirl #50 they introduced the new batwoman in the comics that was being introduced in season 2 of batwoman tv, that was premiering a week or two after the issue released I believe.

I believe at one point, the release date for Black Widow was May 9th? That certainly would have lined up pretty well. Not sure how timelines/story progression and planned arcs are plotted with writers and such of course.

This looks awesome, Stan Lee’s speech got to me…the emotions!


That’s not lucy on either cover

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They pushed Black Widow back again so dumb

Why continue to push the movie back for 2 years the character is already dead

SPOILER ALERT! :joy: I’m crushed!