Marvel Omnibuses / Epic Collection

I’ve slowly been going to Omnibuses…

Just some omnibuses I’m looking forward to getting in the next couple months… in case you all want to start saving your coins…




Where do you all buy your OMNIBUSES from?
how is Shipping?!?!

When I bought hardcovers, trades, omnibus, etc. I always used Amazon with prime shipping.

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Amazon is fine if you’re just buying them as they come out at a little discount - their shipping is for the most part ok, but I have had some shipped in too big a box with air-packs that have gotten crunched corners…

DCBS can be the best discount, but the website is ancient and clunky and you have to know pre-FOC to save money. Shipping is good but takes forever…

Lately, I’ve been just ordering mine with my regular FOC books from — best in the business packing and shipping IMHO. They will also not hold up your entire order waiting on an FOC Omnibus to come out. This is critical — keep in mind, that books have a 6+ month lead time, unlike comics which have a 6 week one.

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Hi Cruzzer, I came from collecting 100% omnibuses until I switched back to comics when I found CHU. I still love both formats but haven’t bought any omnibuses for a while and have sold most of what I don’t need.

DCBS if you want to pre-order, Instocktrades if you want to order on the week off. Both are the same company. Shipping is free for Americans over $50 I believe.

If you’re creepin into the omnibus world may I direct you to a good group of guys at the Marvel Masterworks forum. They’re basically the CHU board but for omnibuses and collected editions.
It’s where I used to hang out :grin: Good group of guys there that is very helpful and they chatter about all the upcoming news about releases. Also a few marvel employees post there so you get lots of info before it even hits the news sites. Drop by and say hello, my name there is GroosAnatomy, although I haven’t posted there in a while.

Also check out Near Mint Condition’s youtube channel as he has breaking news on all new omnibuseses.

Have fun going down this rabbit hole. I remember when I first got into omnibuses, it started out small and went out of control lol. I loved the format and ended up buying everything as they came out. Was lots of fun though. We’re in the golden age of omnibuses right now because everything is getting reprinted even the giant whales. The market has exploded.

I still remember going into my LCS and I would be finding omnibuses that were sitting on the shelf that were giant whales, going for $700-$1000 in the market. Good times.


I realize before I post this that it’s a silly question, buuuut, I’m going to ask anyway because that’s what I do:

Do you read your Omnibus editions?

I only own (3): Sandman vol. 1, Venom vs. Spider-Man and Tomb of Dracula vol. 1. I want to read them but don’t because they are still sealed/wrapped. Trust me, I know how ridiculous that is. Just wanted to see what Omnibus collectors do. Read, stash or both.

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It’s not a silly question, I know exactly what you mean. At my peak I was reading about 5% of my omnibuses :joy: Yes I do love them in my shrinkwrap. But at that time I was buying everything as it came out a few years ago. It was much easier then because the market hasn’t exploded yet so there weren’t that many omnibuses coming out every month. Now we get at least 2 and that’s only from Marvel. When I finally got around to wanting to reading them the ones still in shrinkwrap had become whales.

My intention was to always keep and read every one of my omnibuses but some of the prices people were paying for the sealed out of print copies were ridiculous so I sold them.

I would say, open and read the ones you intend to keep. It’s such a beautiful format. The art and colors really stand out in the oversize pages. It’s a really pleasurable experience owning and reading these omnibuses.


I’ve used instocktrades and cheapgraphicnovels

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Thank you very much for a great reply - I appreciate it!

Tomb of Dracula may be getting cracked open soon


This is what I did with my ominibuses / hardcovers…

I know they are heavier then a mug to be lugging around, but for cons, I get the inside of them autographed by creators on anyone who may have worked on those stories within the omnisbuses / hc. Then I make a label of who signed it and their contribution to the story in the book.

I bought a label maker at Costco. You can also pick them up at the ‘other store’ which I refuse to call by name. Staples also carries them.

I also make a checklist on all the books included… some dudes ain’t around anymore so I realize some will never be complete, but it’s a nice momento.

Here is my Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel one.

Roy Thomas (Creator)

If I ever get rid of them or pass them down… they will have a score of signatures from various creators…

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Some of my graphic novels / Omnibuses

I hope to create a circle of good people I can trust & ship my Omnibuses around the country so they can help me get signatures on them.

Who knows… Maybe some day…


THE DC / Marvel Encyclopedias are also fun because if you know someone who worked on a character, you can open it up to that character and have them sign it there as well…

I am not big on DC HC / Omnibuses, but I do want to get the Dini Batman one signed by Dini. :slight_smile:

Finding ‘Tomb of Dracula’ Omnibus Vol 2 & 3 is a REAL B…

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Looking for a NEW economical Aliens Omnibus Vol 2 (Marvel)
Preferably the “Asrar Cover”

Coming in June… :heart:

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