Marvel Premiere 1 Miscut Opinions

Hey gang, looking for any and all opinions on this one. I have a copy of Marvel Premiere 1 that I am looking to sell, but it has a wonky cut on the top and bottom so it’s pretty crooked. You can see the cutting guideline on the bottom front cover and the red Marvel Comics Group banner is sliced through. I’m fairly unfamiliar with error variants, so I’m looking for opinions on whether this helps or hurts it’s value. Any info is appreciated. Thanks everyone!

My own personal taste, it hurts the value for me. This isn’t so much an “error” as in, they misprinted something that got by quality control check before being corrected, this is just printer cut roller type error that they just didn’t care about in the day cause it was still readable.

Just like in the trading card world, the uneven cuts down the grades so I put comics in the same category.


That’s what I figured, but I’m not to well versed in these types of mistake books, so I figured I’d seek an outside opinion. Thanks for the input!

I haven’t seen the grading companies ever be too tough on mis-cuts. Yours it a bit extreme but it isn’t high grade either. I don’t think the cut would down grade it all that much. Maybe half a grade at most.