Marvel reveals Spider-Man's new suit

Not terrible. Could look better if drawn by a different artist.

I’m interested in the details behind/of the suit… I think they would shed more light on the potential longevity of this move.

can we get dan slott back?

On Spider-Man? There’s a request I never thought I’d hear.

Please no… But lets do replace Spencer…

I didn’t mind Slott. Say what you will about his choices, at least he made moves. Pete’s been in a mausoleum for what, 4 issues here?

Fresh ideas. Fresh ideas is what it takes. Spidey truly needs to take on things he hasn’t before. Yes, that’s a tough task, but that’s the job writing Spidey.

Meh. ‘That’s one bad suit Harry.’

I liked Slott for the most part.

What this title needs is Tom King…100 issues of Spider and (black)Cat.

Re: Tom King.

Don’t you dare put that voodoo out into the world. If I have to sit through 12 issues of Peter’s talking head in 9 panel grids wrestling with the nature of “truth”, I will be livid.

Slott had his moments but his tenure on ASM was a bit too long… I’d say 70-80% of his take on Spider-Man was utter crap though… but that’s just me. He almost completely ruined Silver Surfer for me though… that’s when he really started to leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth when saying “Slott”…

King is welcome to come back and do another round of Vision though… :wink:

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I guess the one thing that really stood out for me was Superior Spider-Man. Absolutely killer series and a great arc from the end of the previous ASM volume through Superior, into the new volume. What’s better than Spidey actually losing to a mighty foe? And bringing back the Living Brain? How absolutely unlikely and anachronistic!

I actually enjoyed the Superior Spider-Man title as well.

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I agree the last 25% of Slott’s run was entirely average. I disagree on his Silver Surfer run. I loved it.

Some like Chocolate, others like Vanilla… I thought Slott’s take on Silver Surfer was horrible. I would rather gouge my eyes out with a dull spork than read that thing again… :wink:

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That final issue with the endless loop where you turn the book around and read it again backwards is pretty great! In fact, he probably had the most deftly-handled Secret Wars tie-in issues.

I really enjoyed that book. That was a sweet issue. Doctor Who crossed with the Silver Surfer was a fun take. Silver Surfer books are so often pretty boring, at least this one was a fresh idea with great art.

So, this new Spidey suit looks like it first appears in 61, but it might not last past 63. Here’s the A cover for 64:

And here’s 63:

Yeah I hope no one thought this was permanent? A couple issues tops may reappear for another issue depending on story.

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