Marvel SDCC Immortal Hulk 21


I honestly would of thought this variant, out of SDCC, would of had more buzz. I purchased one on the bay just because I am a Hulk fan. Its an Immortal Hulk 21 variant, that you could only receive from the Marvel booth, if you were a Marvel Unlimited credit card holder. Only 250 print run. Seems like it should be a little more heat on it. Maybe that’s just me. lol


See. Now I am gonna look for it. That is how it works. People don’t know about these things.


This cover does nothing for me. I am not a fan of ‘baby’ heroes renditions. I am however seeking out the SDCC JTC fluorescent Rogue cover for my PC.


It could have a print run of 1, but if no one likes it it’s worthless.

But I had not seen this cover before.

Never cared for covers drawn with infant audiences in mind (like Scottie Young).


I almost picked that one up but was like “naaaw no one wants X-men”


Rogue is one of my favourite characters. And Im a fan of negative space art designs, and I love the colour green. The SDCC XMen21 hits all the marks for me. I would have had you pick one up for me, @Mike_C, but I didnt know it existed until yesterday. :disappointed:


That should be changing now, with Fiege confirming that the Children of the Atom will be, eventually, coming to the MCU.


I was going to wait to see if the price would drop a little for the XMen21 SDCC, but, I just pulled the trigger on a copy. $35US + shipping. :grin:


I just saw that cover and it is great. I like all of those JTC negative space variants.


A bunch of them have shown up on ebay and are starting to go for crazy prices.

SDCC Imortal Hulk on eBay

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