Marvel Star Wars April 2022 Pre-Orders

Halcyon Legacy #4 is a stand out to me. They’re bringing another silly 70s Marvel character back into canon!

Crimson Jack!

Crimson Jack was a pirate who was proud of his thighs!

Crimson Jack first appeared in Star Wars #7 (1977) and his first cover was Star Wars Weekly (Marvel UK) #21.

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Alex Ross created a really nice print for Celebration based on that.

Which is the cover for Chewbacca #1 1:50:


Is Crimson Jack have toes to Crimson tide?

Quite the tights on that Scotsman….

No known ties.

One of the best conventions I’ve been to and still have the print…along with a picture of my wife and I with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. Carrie has her head on my wife’s bosom, so it’s a fun memory.

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Haha! We were likely in the same line. I also had my pic with her. She’s giving me a big ole hug!

Hands down the best convention I’ve ever attended. I got extremely lucky with a VIP pass. Star Wars Celebration without waiting in line was just incredible lol.

On the final day, I had gotten all the autographs I wanted and was pretty much done. I went up to some parents and their little girl who were at the very end of the line for Ashley Eckstein and let them use my fast pass stamp to jump the line. I’ll always remember how happy they were.

I got to hang out with Dave Filoni for a bit and he signed and sketched Ahsoka for me. I was on cloud 9 that whole trip. Went with my buddies so I don’t think I ever slept.

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