Marvel Star Wars Comics Solicits and Analysis for June 2022


Wow. Those covers are awesome. I need all of them!!!


When are ratio variants typically announced?

Usually with the initial solicits. Both Penguin and Diamond have begun not listing the ratios on their public-facing sites. When TFAW drops the links upon initial solicitation, their pricing is a decent indicator, unless they have it wrong (common).

Then, if they add a ratio before FOC, we might see it pop up the week before FOC.

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Appreciate it

thanks for the explanation. but still too confusing/inconsistent for me to keep up with, which is why i never get the hot ratio variants! what’s the next best online source that has them available as early as tfaw? i want to stop using tfaw.

I’m such a sucker. I think I’ll be able to pass on… Well… None of those.