Marvel Star Wars May 2022 Solicits

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Who’s shadow is in the bottom left of Bounty Hunters #23?

It’s not Ax Tagrin, is it?

That Forbes Aphra cover is gorgeous!


That would be cool, but no it’s 4-LOM. The Aurebesh text next to it says “4-LOM”

Ah, I saw what looked like horns and jumped right to that. Thanks

I’m curious if Savage Opress has appeared in a Canon comic before…

Star Wars Adventures 3 (2020):


beat me to it. lol

Any photo’s of the Japanese Creator variant covers?

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Not yet. Just the Peach Momoko Obi-Wan is the first and only reveal so far.

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Is this a comic or trade? Given it’s packing 3 regular comics and an annual likely going to be fat….subject to binding tears.

I’m in for a photo variant though.

I’d bet money Marvel skimps on production costs and just staples it together.

it wont be the full issues, just the pages in the 4 books that have BK story