Marvel Teases Six New Characters in A.X.E JUDGMENT DAY #2

Cheap spec is usually the best, especially at preorder prices. All it takes is one character to take off or some attention by the talking heads. Most likely it amounts to nothing but what’s a few dollars?


I’m considering the virgin, but it’s risky

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i bought 3 cover A, i aint touching the 1:100 without seeing the pages

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Watch, we won’t even find out their importance in #2. In the penultimate issue they will become Eternals, or something, on the last page.

Marvel‘s gonna sue you for spoiling their format! Lol!

Some cameos in issue #1


Six new characters are The Hex?


oooooooohhh juicy!

If the females end up looking sexy, we could have a winner.

yup, don’t say we didn’t warn you guys. Yall can’t poo poo new characters in Marvel comix for preorder prices.

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I’m still not really convinced, yet.

good hunch either way, curious who the 6 classified Hex characters are.

We’ve seen their designs before:

I was just going to post something similar. Not sure if the humans in issue 2 are the Hex. Unless human hosts, avatars or whatever.

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Lowe brought up a new group of characters called The Hex, which Cebulski described as what the Celestials turn into when they “Hulk out” before showing concept sketches of the amped-up god-like beings.

Lowe then previewed some of Schiti’s art from issue #2, which included six new seemingly normal characters, with the banner “You are all important.” Cebulski said, “These are the people right outside your window. Kieron and I decided to bring in some PoV characters. These will be very important characters we’re introducing.”

Cool, but aren’t all new characters important to those who created them…or publishes them?

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You would hope so but marvel doesn’t always walk the walk

They do make a lot of money though.

The Hex were seen in this spoiler I put up Tuesday