Marvel Teases Six New Characters in A.X.E JUDGMENT DAY #2

Don’t know if this means anything but FOC for A.X.E JUDGMENT DAY #2 is July 10th.


How important can they be if they are not on any of the covers for the whole series.


Don’t know, it could be more marvel shenanigans. Just passing on the info because foc is tomorrow. Worth a pick up or two just in case.

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Throw enough :poop: against the wall…


They don’t SEEM to bear a resemblance but who knows.


last page of that book is a promo for axe judgement



The 6 “new” characters are probably Eternals. Powers just waiting to be activated.

And we all know these characters will eventually go nowhere.

Looks like Marvel is trying to do their own version of Sense8.


Or they die so the Eternals can come back to life that’s the new thing with Eternals in order to resurrect costs a human life. 6 Eternals 6 of these most important people.


the party is missing inhumans

Remember when Marvel was desperate to make the, “Inhumans,” a thing? Like, have them replace the X-Men, basically? It was the same time they stopped publishing Fantastic Four comics as well as it was all part of a feud with Fox before their parent company (Disney) owned it. A weird era.


Then they made a show with Karnak on a weed farm in Hawaii and tanked the whole franchise, so much so they spent billions to reaquire X-men and F4.

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Its cause Ike perlmutter and marvel were pushing inhumans hard since marvel didn’t have the movie rights for the X-men and tried pushing the inhumans in place of the x-men which didn’t work out

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Don’t forget the inevitable 2nd print and 1:25 2nd print variant that will both most likely have those new characters on it. How long you think before they announce them?

THE guy from london looks like some spidey supporting characters from a few volume ago

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Could they be a new iteration of the Young Gods?

FOC is July 11 (today) in case anyone still wants to order…I grabbed a few copies, we will see how it shakes out.

It just seems so risky until we see the guts.

For those still ordering from TFAW, still available:

Axe Judgment Day #2 (of 6)
Axe Judgment Day #2 (of 6) (Lubera Variant)
Axe Judgment Day #2 (of 6) (Reilly Window Shades Variant)
Axe Judgment Day #2 (of 6) (Momoko Variant)
Axe Judgment Day #2 (of 6) (Witter Men of Axe Variant)Axe Judgment Day #2 (of 6) (1:50 Romita Jr Variant)

Thanks for the heads up. Threw 3 copies on the pull and moved on. Told myself I eat out 1 day less at work this week and skip a cup or two of coffee.