Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for $49.99

Releasing tomorrow exclusively on the Nintendo Switch Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 can be found for $49.99 from Amazon with Prime memberships. This is even dollars below their original preorder price deal at $51.99. Might be matched by Walmart too. If you’ve never played the X-men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance games you are missing out on the best Marvel games on any platform.

Click the image to find the direct link to the switch platform:

I don’t have a Switch, only a WiiU. I’d buy it if they made it for the Playstation 4.

How about PlayStation 3 where my other two Marvel Alliances upgrades, unlocks, trophies and DLC are stored? I got all the DLC before the Disney buying Marvel thing shut them down. Can’t see buying a game system to play one game no matter how much I loved the 1st two. I’m pretty sure I remember Carnage coming in as DLC. I wasn’t sure who he was at the time.

The only reason my XBox One is still hooked up to my TV is because of The Ultimate Alliance Games. Ive already planned to borrow my nieces Nintendo so I can play this game.

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My BB preorder arrived a day early - love it so far. A ton of miniboss battles thru the 1st 2 worlds. Good combo of old and new characters as well.

Crystal is a beast.