Marvel Unhappy with MCU Phase 4


There is a lot of speculation in that article, and not much fact. The headline should have gave it away with the word “reportedly”. :v::beers:

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I emailed Disney, complained about phase 4 and got a refund for Disney+.

JK :smiley:

Subjectively, it wasn’t the best. I did like a few of the series. However, it felt like more of a half-time show or intermission, building up to the next event. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great.

Hawkeye was my favorite, and they immediately announced it wasn’t going to return for a season 2 while the show was still somewhat new :frowning: Loki was probably my second favorite.

Creative oversight ehy?
A team approved those horrific scripts and dumb ass ideas & dialogue that should have been obvious and evident upon reading them; let alone filming.

They simply need to dump those that were involved with Go/No Go decisions on those scripts and approaches.
Here’s one for ya Marvel - how about character development within a story - nahhhh… can’t have that. It’s not “cool”. How about telling a story; a real story. - nahhhh… can’t have that. It’s not “cool”. More effects, more effects… now THAT’s cool.


I have not really enjoyed much in Phase 4. I have Disney+ and I have not been able to finish watching Eternals, Black Widow, or Thor Love and Thunder. I just find myself not caring, for some reason. The streaming series stuff was ok. Hawkeye and Loki kept me interested. Moon Knight needed, well, more Moon Knight. I still don’t even know what to think about Shrek Hulk. When I try and think about it, I just am like what did I just sit through?

I hope phase 5 is better. Problem is, a universe without the top tier A characters is, well…. what you get with phase 4. I think they need a good F4, Silver Surfer, the X-men and Dr. Doom as the new Thanos level bad guy to rejuvenate the whole thing. More A list type characters.