Marvel Voices Pride #1 - New character.....Somnus

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Ahh that must’ve been the frame variant and im guessing he’s gonna be on it, had it on my pre orders but decided to drop it, oh well

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Yup. Still time to order. FOC hasnt passed yet.

Also this, Native captain America

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I don’t know if it is laziness or something else, but anytime I look to see something I potentially will purchase for flipping and there are in excess of at least 7 variants, that’s when I just give up and end up purchasing none of them.

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I mean, what’s more American than the original Americans?


The prefix Somn usually implies something to do with sleep. Is this character going to put me to sleep?

What Captain America issue is that one ?

the new series coming out in June, United states of captain America #3

I really hope at least some of the characters from United States of Captain America stick around or have a presence beyond being one-off PR moves. I love the idea of a Native American Captain America and how that would shake things up.