Marvel what if season 2. MilesVerine?

Marvel dropped this about 10 minutes ago. I don’t recall ever seeing this in a comic though.

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So… if What If takes place within the MCU and we are getting a mash up of Miles and Wolverine does that mean both characters are going to debut real soon?!

Makes me wonder if the plot leak for Doc Strange 2 is correct.


Its from marvel entertainment so maybe its just a comic thing, like a new volume of what if. Wasn’t that recent Spider-Mans shadow in a rebooted what if line?

Doesn’t say anything about Disney+ so I am guessing comic

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There’s a Gwenorine on cover only no Miles in comics.

Plus the #marvelcomics in lower left corner just might be a dead giveaway that it’s related to comics and not a show! :wink:

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Damn. I saw what if and totally didn’t notice the hash tag :rofl:

As far as what if season 2 I don’t think we’ll see any new characters and they’ll just use ones that were already introduced in the mcu . Season 1 didn’t introduce any characters besides Cagliostro…who ends up dead

Why is it Miles ? I can see Wolverine/X-23 etc… I see the character is non-white, but is there something else that indicates Miles ? Some of the face features indicate it could be female also.

The color scheme is red and black.

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So is Daredevil/Elektra.

But neither are black.

Also the hoodie is pretty much owned by Miles and Gwen and it’s not Gwen.


Agreed on Gwen (first), Miles (lately).
Not discounting your/others theories, just saying it could be someone or something else …

I must be color blind - but I thought the current Elektra Daredevil has a black-red outfit.

Can’t wait for March, to read, if it’s a comic.
I’m sure it will be reminiscent of a classic Alan Moore story :thinking:

I think these are Wolverine celebration covers similar to the recent Cap and Miles anniversary covers.

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SpideyHunter was right


I knew it!! I thought just variant covers but a what if line? They milking the branding from the show. Not bad.

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I’d do the same thing. Show was a success, might as well do some comics using What If so you can potentially use those in future shows…

As long as the stories are good ! Otherwise they are just killing the goose. Looking at Wolverine, Ghost Rider, etc.