Marvels House of X #1

Ok, I’m a fan of X-men from way back in the day and since I started collecting again I haven’t touched X-men titles because I feel lost and uninterested. Today I read House of X and they have me hooked again. It is a great jumping on point and the writing / story with this issue has been great. If you have a chance to read it in some form I suggest you do.

So let’s discuss :slightly_smiling_face:


So glad to hear it is good. I got suckered into collecting the ongoing Uncanny title, and started reading the Age of X-Man titles until the Hickman announcement. Uncanny hasn’t been bad, but I feel like it’s really gone off the rails now that they know what they write doesn’t actually matter.

My readers ship every two weeks so I have to hold out until August 7th to read HoX.

I tried reading the XMen Gold series and had to bail on it. It was not very interesting, and the art was not good. I gave up on all XMen titles after that, except for XMen Red, which I read in its entirety. The only reason I read it was to get my Gabby fix. I am going to give this new Hickman book a shot. I feel, as speculators, that we need to start getting on the XMen train.

So I haven’t really been into X-Men since I was really young and watched the Fox cartoon back in the day.

I’ve I’ve avoiding the comics because there are just SO MANY characters. I feel like I would be totally lost. I YouTuber I follow is die-hard Marvel/ X-Men fan and always gives a break down of the X-Men issues. I decided to read House/Powers of X. I’m on issue 2 of House of X and so far I’m really enjoying it. It feels like a very fresh and easy jumping on point, especially if you are familiar with the foundation and broad strokes of the X-Men.