MASS EFFECT Netflix tv show


I don’t play many video games, but this was one of my favorites.

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These guys use “exclusive” very loosely. Exclusive implies that the creators have given them this information to release to the masses. If this was true, they would have names, quotes, and the trades would pick it up in a heart beat. A simple google check and there is…nothing. Not saying this isn’t the case, but their wording as journalists is irresponsible and annoying.

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They arent going to name their inside sources. If Deadline and Hollywood Reporter picked this up, they would have to link back to the Hashtag Show, which both sites dont ever do because they like to have their own exclusives.

By saying “exclusive” that means the creators, studio, or distributor has given an outlet the information of their project and their go ahead to communicate the information to their audience. I’m going to actually change up what I said earlier, they don’t use “exclusive” loosely. They use it like they don’t know what it means.

Now, if they want to say things like “our inside sources are telling us…” that’s a different story. That’s what this story sounds like. I’m just pointing this out because it’s extremely irresponsible to say this is an exclusive considering they have a significant following on YouTube.

And most outlets actually do link back to another outlet when they get exclusive information or interviews.

Exclusive to scoop sites means they’re the first ones to report it. It doesnt mean they talked to any creators, studio, or anyone else but their inside source.

I’ve worked for a variety of outlets. I’m going to completely disagree with you on this.

And if they’re reporting it, there are no facts associated with this article.

Hashtag show has “exclusive scoops” like every Wednesday. Although when I first heard of them they’d be dropping MCU ones and now lately are dropping ones for other stuff. Anyways mass effect is a dope game series and the story and characters are awesome so I could see that happening and would make a great series. There were a few animated movies I believe

Mass Effect is my all time favorite series. I platinumed 1 and 2, 3 was whatever but damn the Mass Effect story was amazeballs

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So is there a comic spec play here? It looks like Mass Effect Redemption might be the first series, but different books have different characters.

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First ever is always a good start.

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The spec on this would most likely be a slow burn until a quality show is put out but with today’s market who knows. There is also a 2nd print of Redemption #1 as well.

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Not on Netflix now, but Amazon…

I highly recommend playing the games. The first one is a bit janky but all 3 have some of the best writing I’ve seen in video games and the characters are so well done