Masterpiece Starscream

All hail autonomous Optimus! Psyched that it even exists but probably won’t go that deep on a single item.

Ok so I’ve been on the fence about getting into transformers as most of the Hasbro ones seem to be lightweight garbage that break apart when you touch them. BBTS just added more collector grade MP Starscream preorders - anyone have any experience with these masterpiece figs? Are they heavy compared to the WFC/deluxe ones?

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Shartimus Prime collects and reviews a ton of stuff I’d trust his opinion. Here’s a masterpiece review example:


Shartimus?! That’s just to close to shat for my liking. Hey, what’s that smell? It’s just Shatimus.


That was pretty good but I still don’t have a sense of the heft. And I can’t find specs on weight only height/length. If anyone has experience with 10 inch masterpiece figures and can tell me how hefty they are I’d appreciate it very much

Amazon says 1.98 lbs

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The Masterpiece figures are pretty solid. They aren’t made of a lot of die-cast like some of the old G1 figures so they may not ‘feel’ as hefty for the size they are. I have an older Toys 'R Us release of the Masterpiece MP-07 Starscream but it’s still in the box. This 2.0 figure is a more expensive retooled release of the older mold - you could find that TRU Starscream online for cheaper. Beware of KOs (knock-offs) there are plenty of those for the Takara releases (most often but not limited to Chinese/foreign sellers).

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Thanks guys! I think I’m sold on it. Noticed the collectors grade Starscreams are sold out again at BBTS. So I’m glad I snagged one. I wonder if I’ll open it… I might stare at it for a year or so first :).

I also just ordered Thundercracker and Skywarp. Might as well get the band back together!

If I ever open mine, I’ll let ya know!

Actually, the ones I’ve opened (Optimus and Grimlock) I’ve found to be pretty stout.


Did you see the new Civic hatchbacks that just dropped on BBTS?