Masters of The Universe: Revelation

I just watched the firs episode of masters of the universe: revelation and I was so thoroughly underwhelmed. Nothing special about the story or even the animation. I was rolling my eyes at the end of the episode when characters where get upset. Im really going to struggle to get through the rest of it.
Also, is there anything special about He-man besides being really strong? I mean, if one of Skeletors henchmen landed a headshot with one of their laser guns, he’s dead right?
I havent watched He-man since the original series in the 80s, but I’m only just realising how weird the world building in this series was. There’s old timey magic of wizards and witches, people wielding swords and maces, but at the same time there are flying vehicles and laser guns. Not to mention humanoid people and hybrid animal humanoids. Just what the hell is going on??

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It was a show created around a toy line. They made the toys look cool (which means Swords and laser guns, etc) so they would sell. Then a story was crafted around it. Considering it was the 80s and kids were the main target audience I don’t think much of a poop was given.

Netflix has a docu-series called The Toys That Made Us. There is a MOTU episode which is one of my favorites.


Not surprised. Kevin Smith is literally floating on his nostalgia name, but he’s been a punching bag for the past 10 years. I’ll have to go with very low expectations to Clerks 3.

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yes. i remember watching that docu-series last year. it still sucks that they cant make it make sense nowt. Especially for an audience that didnt grow up with the show.

I never got into He-Man as a kid so I don’t have a dog in the fight about if the show is good or not. I’ve seen a ton of mixed opinions. Some of the haters seem to be with that so-called movement known as Comicsgate so who knows.

Disclaimer: As someone who was harassed by Comicsgate for a blog post I was already not a fan and after that really didn’t like them.

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People harass others for such things? You must live a sad life if you harass someone’s opinion on their own blog.

Welcome to 80s cartoons. Ha.

In all seriousness though, most of the cartoons of that era are built on very unrealistic premises. Can’t take them too seriously and question laser head shots.

It’s really no different then Star Wars and many other things aimed at kids of the 80s.

I haven’t watched the new He-Man series yet. I grew up with the cartoon so I’m hoping for nostalgia mostly.

hate you burst your bubble but there’s no nostalgia in this one. Yes, you will see characters and be like ''oh yeah i remember that dude" but its all very hollow.
Episode 5 does end pretty well, it would be good to see if the writers are courageous enough to move forward from there.

It was a whole thing. I wrote I didn’t support a publisher anymore for actively partnering with people who associated with Comicsgate and I was tweeted at with insults, was called every name in the book, the blog was inundated with hate comments. Others who had been harassed by them messaged me to ask if I was okay, then after 48 hours they moved on to the next target of their ire after I blocked the lot of them. Was unpleasant for sure.

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