Mattel Legacy Jurassic Hammond Figure SDCC

Anyone going to SDCC? Anyone willing to pick up this exclusive for me?

I’ll compensate anyone willing for their time and such. My kid is a Jurassic Park/World fanatic so this is a must have for him.

You could have gotten this off the Shop Mattel website, but it’s sold out now.

I was going to order it but it says you have to show them your SDCC badge at the con to complete the order. Pre-ordering just avoids standing in lines at the con for it.

I thought that they had a limited number on the site that they would ship to you.

Hmmm… not from what I read.

The article I linked to claimed this:

But if you want to avoid the long lines, the figure can also be preordered at starting today, and will be shipped to customers after SDCC is over. However, because it’s a Comic-Con exclusive, pre-orders will only be shipped to customers after they stop by the Mattel booth and check in with their SDCC badges. So if you pre-order one but can’t make it to San Diego due to a T. rex attack, or a Brachiosaurus trampling, you’ll unfortunately be out of luck.

You have to show up with your badge and order form and I’d.

I almost ordered these but I didn’t think it was that interesting… boy was I wrong. Either way, I can pick it up for you if your interest.

Items in stock that havent sold out yet :

Mega Construx™ Masters of the Universe™ Battle Bones $30 Plus Shipping

DC Comics™ The Strange Lives of Batman™ Action Figure Multipack - $80 Plus SHipping

She-Ra And The Princesses of Power She-Ra™ Vs. Shadow Weaver™ 2-Pack $40 Plus Shipping

To anyone intrested in these : GEt them now before they start selling out on Ebay. Once they do these will sell fast from thier web sight. I have to go and show them my receipt to get the ones i already ordered, i dont mind picking these up for people.

They usually have an after con Sale with any stock that is left over , Not sure if they will have this one though after the con though.

The only ones likely available are the ones quadruple the value on eBay…

Thats why you find someone who is going and is going to stand in that line anyways.

I admit … i both love and Hate Ebay.

Love selling on it, especially these Pre Sales that i already sold ( they help pay for the trip there)
Hate Missing the hard to get exclusives that i end up buying on ebay … La sigh. Thi year im sure its going to be the Funko Pops … my wife is going mental over the Big Bang ones and she needs the ones with the SDCC sticker … like hell woman settle for the Walmart edition :slight_smile:

I think everyone loves and hates eBay.

Well, if you’re gonna hit up the Mattel Line at SDCC, I’d love a Jurassic Park Hammond Action Figure… my kid would go bonkers over it.

I will be in the line. He-man is Literally on fire this year.

Lines i know i will be in : Mattel , NECA, Marvel. Then i have to hit up IDW / ONI / Image / The DC Shirt Booth that is the only place to get the DC exclusives.

If im Lucky and get selected for the Lottery i will do Hasbro / Lego / Funko … but i dont count on winning those.

When I saw this all I could think was, “WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK!”

I was able to buy the Mattel Chelli Aphra and Droids SDCC exclusives from the website, after the con, last year. Would Jurassic Park be as popular as Star Wars? I think you will he able to order these from Mattel, while supplies last, after the con. No guarantees though.

Maybe but I have a feeling these will have a much smaller production than Star Wars figures…

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An easy way to tell is to look and see what isn’t sold out right now. It’s a good tool to forecast supply and demand. If any of these sold out items go on sale after the con, expect all the eBay retailers to try and snap them up.

The Jurassic park figure was the first thing to sell out. In all honesty I expect it to be sold out at the con as well. But only time will tell.