Mavel Zombies

Seems now that Walking Dead is ending… Marvel’s announced they’re bringing back their Marvel Zombies title…

Interestingly enough I as just thinking Ultimate FF 22 does not get enough love…

Marvel Zombies will never get made live action but a CGI movie would be awesome!

You have to think it’s not a matter of if, but when.

It’d likely have to be an R rating, so until they exhaust all their money making PG/PG-13 ideas it’ll be shelved indefinitely.

But seems like after they’ve introduced the vast majority of these tier 1/2 characters and the masses have identified with them, a zombie apocalypse version should be s smash hit. Regardless of the rating. Probably With it would come a lot of parental outcry and controversy…but screw those people!

I would hope so…Disney is a huge, global, conglamo. They are very far away from the family owned company from way back when. Disney loves their money but even so I am not sure they would want a live action, wolrd-wide release of their most popular Marvel characters tearing up innocent people for food. I do hope I am wrong because it would be awesome! Again, Disney loves money! They adore it! It is their religion so I guess anything can happen because a live action Marvel Zombies film would bring in a ton of it! Here is to hoping!

You all do know that zombie Ironman is in Far From Home right?

I heard something about that, but figured it was something silly meant as a benign Easter egg.

It’s a Mysterio illusion. But it could actually hint at a future movie. It would be pretty amazing to see all the dead MCU characters return to fight the remaining alive heroes and villains teamed up against a common threat. Dormammu could do it without any time stone to keep him at bay or Mephisto.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 is chugging along the Land variant and regular. Marvel Zombies selling well too.

I don’t think Walking Dead is the trigger. I’m betting it’s the 242,000+ copies of DCeased #1 that got their attention. It outsold all by itself the entire print run for all 5 issues of Marvel Zombies 1st series. something like 212,000 copies for all 5. DCeased #2 might not be too far from that number as well. Just wait until you see #4!!! Advance PDF just hit the stores today.

UFF 22 is the first appearance of the majority of the marvel,zombies and more significant…#21 is just a cameo of the FF zombies.

I have the homage variants…I sold my run of MZ 1-5 long ago, but every now and then want it back (I do have the hard cover). It was a great mini. I have extra copies of some of the issues, in…should put the up,on the bay

I do love Reed’s “ever get the feeling you’ve been had.” line. Classic.

Yes but #21 is first Earth 2149 and Marvel zombies it’s just not all the different zombies first appearance.

Both Ultimate FF 21 & 22 are good books to get. Neither is expensive. It was a fun story. I never did keep up with Ultimate FF but the first few years were really good from what I can remember.