Maybe a new Batman?

Some info i found could be interesting?
Maybe worth picking up Batwing #19 a good series as well for the read.

They had another article a few days ago letting people know about the new Batman in 2000 rumor. Sales are starting to escalate as word gets around.

For my money if we get a new Batman and its a black man it would make sense for it to be a brand-new character so it is new-reader friendly for all the people DC would hope might pick-up the book out of curiosity. Time will tell.

Why and how would a brand new character be more “reader friendly”? It’s not reader friendly to rush through some same old same old unoriginal origin story. Why not just use Luke Fox who is a great underrated character that is severely under used? If DC really needs a new “black” Batman, then Luke Fox is the perfect choice.

Or just leave Batman as is. Why do these publishers feel the need to change characters? Can they not come up with new characters and or heroes? We all know if they replace Bruce Wayne, eventually Bruce Wayne will come back…

I fully agree. I want Bruce to stay Batman and I feel the only others that should ever be Batman are Dick Grayson and future Damian. I was just saying that if DC really has to have a black Batman for whatever reason, then it should be Luke Fox cause he’s already a good character.