Mayhew Alien Variant

Cover A trade dress - 3000 copies
Cover A+ B Virgin sets - 1000 copies worldwide

Friday March 5th @9am PST

Eastside comics
Krs comics
Blackflag comics
Mutant beaver comics (I’m guessing this one is for the Canadians)
And for the UK Buyers ‘Limited Edition Comix’

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? I can see it being a buy and quick flip on the sets but there’s so many Alien #1 Variants out there now so I’m interested in what everyone else thinks about this :thinking:

Looks like a cover swipe of this


Nice catch.

I was trying to figure out why the alien was in such a dramatic defeated pose…doesn’t seem to fit their personality…but maybe they’ve evolved into more empathetic life forms since I last remember…

…I haven’t read an Alien comic since Earth War. What was that, 1992?

But as for my feeling about it (to answer the OP)…



Yeah he said that’s what he was going for!

I do like the face hugger in the bottom box but not a fan of the cover in general.

Nope, not buying.

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I like the rendering Mayhew did but xenomorphs are emotionless and killing machines. For me, this doesn’t really go together.

Looks like it just found out the the Queen got killed.

other than alien #1 (1st series, 1st appearance)
show me aliens book that has value ? one more qualifier no company crossovers

Meme time.


Kudos to those who know which Alien movie that quote is from… :slight_smile:


I saw Andy Williams live in concert at his Branson theater when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I expected I’d be bored, but I loved it. He sang all the hits wonderfully, was funny, chatted with the audience a lot. I became a big fan after that. I have the lyrics to, “Moon River,” memorized.


Frank Ocean did the best cover of Moon River… ever.

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I know that version. I like it!

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