McFarlane Aoki NFT Marketplace

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Nope, no, not touching this with a ten-foot pole.


Here is my question on this. If people are buying NFTs for digital art, how do you know your getting the original digital art? I know digital art is the future but how will I know mine is original?

Based on the NFT technology. But one has to consider also, art comes in many forms. Like original art, the first piece created and then copies (just like litho’s and such in the artworld, reproduced and sold in limited quantities at times, you know, the 1 out of 500 made type of deal)… Your NFT could be one of a kind or one of many, but the key lies within the NFT tokens to prove you own what they say you own!

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Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification

First Aoki sold all those Pokemon card mystery packs and now this? Someone is cashing out on 2020 investments.

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I guess this is how I know I’m officially old. I like physical art and traditional pencils and inks.

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I don’t mind NFTs. And having spent 15+ years in online gaming and then mobile gaming, I can understand people who want to and do collect digital items. (I was around when we all started doing microtransactions and free to play… Whoops…)

That being said, when it comes to art I DO prefer something physical I can display. I think Christian Ward is a nice example of a good way for a digital artist to still sell “original art” in comics when he sells 1/1 signed prints for some of his covers.

Being a technical person… my brain has a hard time spending money on digital items knowing that all they are when broken down is a bunch of ones and zeroes. Sure I can look and see digital items but physical touch of said possession and ownership goes a lot further for me.


Yup, the only reason you want to spend money to own an NFT is for selling/ownership rights… it’s basically buying the collectible but yours has a COA that comes along with it.

Aoki has massive following in the EDM world, Pop Music world, designer world, legitimate high-end art world, and his stuff routinely sells out.

I’m just saying, there is resale money to be made there.

im pretty sure he also has his own comic book

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Neon Future. Correct.

So here’s your tangible physical collectible: CGC SS Neon Future #1 Impact Theory Comic Book Signed By Steve Aoki 9.8 | eBay

You couldn’t be more spot on. I’d be hesitant to consider this stuff as a long term investment but I can see some real profit being made early on resale.

McFarlane getting torn the hell up on social media with his NFT posts…he released the first one today, but I don’t think he’s getting quite the response he wanted lol.

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Because NFT are complete ripoffs…


What is the backlash for his NFTs?

Just curious I don’t follow this stuff closely.

Lately people been trying to convince about Veve that those NFTs of comic covers are better
than the real paper versions… :rofl:

Yeah this isn’t great

And how much in USD will that NFT cost people if they want to own it?