McFarlane ASM Hidden Secrets

I was just organizing some of my ASM legacy run, and I came across the McFarlane run from issues #298+. Starting with issue #311, the Mysterio cover, you can see a single digit number beside Toddfather’s signature.


This number represents the number of ‘hidden’ spiders that McFarlane put into the cover art. The four ‘hidden’ spiders on #311 are found in Mysterios gauntlets.


A fun lil’ ‘Wheres Waldo’ game to play for any owners of that classic ASM cover run. :beers:


Wow, never noticed this before. Thanks for sharing this information.

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When McFarlane started getting popular in the mid/late 80’s I couldn’t wait for whatever issue he was working on! There was nothing else like it anywhere! There was no other artist of the 80’s that had anywhere close to the impact he had imo. Those were the days!

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And on the Spider-Man #1 he did has a question mark (?) Cuz he lost count on how many he did. I don’t owen a copy of that issue so I have never counted them myself lol.

I don’t care what people say. He has great talent till this day. Both him and Jim Lee. They both come up with new ways to draw superheroes. Un like other artist from the same era who stick to there style for years cough cough cough Rob Lifield cough cough cough lol jk jk

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Playboy had done a similar thing on their covers. On Playboy magazines, there is a hidden bunny on each cover. Hugh had been doing for decades. Here is a link to an article which explains further, for those who are interested.

Playboy Magazine has a bunny on every cover, and 6 other Easter Eggs hidden in famous publications.