McFarlane Batman

Do you guys know where this Batman comes from?

Walmart exclusive. Todd’s own custom design, no source material to reference.

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I like it… gonna pick one up

Walmart exclusive for sale at Target?


The thumbnail is the McFarlane Gold Label figure which I believe is either Walmart exclusive or they get the first look.

EDIT: After looking closer at this figure it appears that they changed up this accessories that come with this figure, which may constitute it being a “different” figure.

Thats weird because the link provided above was for Target. This is why I hate secondary market sellers on Major stores like Target ad Walmart, I want to search for stuff and not be given ads for resellers, especially if I am trying to order TP or something, lol.


Direct from McFarlane. It doesn’t state that they are Wal-Mart exclusive but they don’t mention other retailers.

has to be secondary market

I take that back, its a pre-order, not secondary market

So it doesn’t say it’s a target exclusive but I can’t find it on BBTS or EE… so is it a timed exclusive or something? I hate buying from Target/Walmart

If you look at the Walmart version compared to this one the accessories are different.

This Target version comes with black knives that have hand guards and a gold batarang.

The Walmart one comes with 2 gold knives and head gear.

McFarlanes toys feel like they can be hit or miss. I got the Red hood and aesthetic wise its cool but the arms and torso barely move so it feels like typical Todd making statues with a few joint cuts

Amazon has it too:

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Todd stated that he focuses on the art of the toy, not the articulation. He can’t give every figure 20+ moving pieces, because if he did the figures wouldn’t look right.