McFarlane private CGC signing

Heads up. Anyone interested in getting books signed by the TODDFATHER this one’s for you… Get your books in by Dec 9, $89 for expedited grading turnaround yellow label CGC signature series.

Cue incoming “ripoff” and assorted snide remarks… :grin: Be well everyone!

P. S. - He won’t sign the SPAWN RETAILER THANK YOU cover FYI…

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Really? Why? Why do creators and celebrities limit things that they’ll sign if they’re getting paid for signing? I just don’t understand that… if I was actually paid to sign things, I’ll sign anything you put in front of me. I wouldn’t care… but then again, I likely would never charge for my signature either.

I have absolutely no idea why he won’t sign them. Also a couple VENOM covers and VENOMVERSE covers. It’s in his rider there. Maybe someone here knows why, licensing issue perhaps? :spider_web:

$89 for a witnessed sig/yellow label and fast track doesn’t sound too bad to me.

Usually you’re paying $50 for the signature, $25 for the grading/yellow label, $5 invoice fee, $15 for the fast track and you’re paying $20 Fee to the authorized witness. $115.

I’m not sure how many or which conventions Todd attends, but it’s likely the big ones where you’re likely to pay for gas, parking and entry fee.

A witnesses sit under $100 doesn’t seem too bad to me.


Seems like it’s more frequent but if you take into account NYCC this past October, you can likely tally in some medical bills from the crowd stampedes that they caused just to get in line.

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Totally man, @jcLu and I were already discussing that earlier this evening… Agreed. It’s very reasonable. It’s also an opportunity, it’s been a couple years since he signed last. He could get upset like LIEFELD and stop signing CGC, you know how these things go sometimes…

I don’t know who this Liefeld person is, but if I ignore him he doesn’t exist and is irrelevant. :slightly_smiling_face:

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He wont sign those high ratio Venom remastered variants that Marvel has been putting out the last few years, that have his artwork. He hates Marvel making money off of old images of his that they own.

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There ya go @agentpoyo compliments of our neighbourhood friendly @jcLu thank you for that… :+1:

Man… Gotta learn to let that shit go I say…

Ive been trying to find out why Todd wont sign the Thank You Variant. I cant find any hard facts, but Im leaning towards the fact that it already has his signature printed on the inside of the cover.


Apparently CBCS has actually verified some of those printed sigs, as real sigs.

Im thinking he doesn’t sign the Thank You so there is no market confusion. The falsely verified CBCS copies are in a slab, so you cant open them up to verify if the sig is real or not. So, Todd wont sign them so no one can claim they have a verified sig on that book. If this is the case, then kudos to Todd for being proactive about it, and it shows that Todd cares more about the fans, than making a quick buck. Rare.
If someone says they have a verified sig on the Thank You, then they are trying to swindle the buyer. :man_shrugging: (I know that is kinda convoluted, I hope it makes sense)

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Never ask a man to let go of his morals.

A lot of todays creators owe a lot to Todd and the OG Image crew (Liefeld included, kinda) for how they stood up to the corporate machine.

Yeah but there’s more to life than money. One should be proud of the artwork they can call their own. I’d sign it but that’s just me… To me, it’s not standing up to the corporate machine now, it’s just punishing the fan who wants to get their comic signed.

You missed the point, its not about money. Its about principle. If money was a factor, he would sign to earn that money. The principle is that the corporate machine of Marvel, which is infamous for screwing their creators, is using Todds artwork, against his best wishes, to increase their bottom line. Todd has stated that he will sign any book that he actually worked on. Todd did not work on those high ratio recent Marvel variants. If a creator has 1000s of books that he worked on (hundred or so of those are Marvel books too), then I dont see it as screwing the fans if he wont sign 5-6 particular books that have his art, but that he did not work on. Imo.

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Hold on. That’s not a fact. If you go to the CBCS forum thread where the person who bought the comic opened a dialogue there was a good discussion on what happened, including the owner speaking with Steve Borock about the problem. Apparently the signature failed the verification process (which is outsourced by CBCS) and CBCS accidentally added a red label due to a clerical error. CBCS actually identified an weakness in their process which is also being addressed, which is a good thing. Situation was resolved to the owners satisfaction and I believe it’s an isolated incident.


Arghh, I just might do this! What to get signed?!? Spider-man #300, Spawn #1 newsstand or Rust #1 variant cover?!? Can’t do them all right now. All of them are at least 9.2

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Im sending in my Spawn 1 newsstand. It honestly has a long shot (w/ some luck) to be 9.8. Id expect a 9.6.


I have ASM 298 and 299 Signed. But they are not SS. I want my ASM 300 signed. Maybe that’s the one I’ll send in.

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