McFarlane Publishing a DC Comic?

Just stumbled on this YouTube video, which does reference Bleeding Stool, but it appears as though McFarlane Toys created the Flash comic, included with the newly designed Flash action figure that is included with it. Over under the Toy section, you can find a thread on McFarlane Page Punchers, and you can see the comic and action figures from that series.


I am not much of a Flash fan, but I have always enjoyed McFarlane, so was intrigued at him making a DC comic; this seems to have flew under the radar, especially since the design of that figure is coming from his comic. Granted, he himself didn’t do anything, but his company did.

Thoughts on if there will be more?

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So far this is the third of 4 Page Puncher waves and I believe 2 of them have exclusive original comics. The first was the Black Adam wave. And now the Flash wave.

Also, McFarlane is the manufacturer but line is released under DC Direct so maybe technically it is still DC publishing the comic?

I was curious about that comic. Who wrote it and drew it?

I THINK that Kirkham drew it but I am waiting for confirmation.

The comic is done by Tim Seely & Scott Kolins according to the names on the cover.

The presumption would be the McFarlane (the company) hired them. No idea on the actual input or control of DC on this project.

Here is some info on the Black Adam book.

So in that fine print minutia at the bottom, who does it say printed it? Just curious!

Published by DC Comics

There ya go, thanks for blowing that up for us. It is all under DC…nothing to see here!