McFarlane Spider-man #1 error

Apparently there are interior panels that have the Lizard in blue instead of green. Im not sure how long this has been known but i suspect that alot of CHU members are still sitting on stacks of these.

Does that error occur with one specific cover such as only the black one has it but not the green or does it show on all of them?

What i read didnt specify but it showed the silver cover with an example of the blue lizard panels on top of it.

The blue/green lizard issues has been known for sometime now, within the hobby. I remember reading about it 3-4 years ago. Ill have to go do some more research to figure out exactly what the deal is with this again…

Its not a variant, but a speculator trick, so to speak. It is simply a case of the ink well getting low through out the run, in this case the yellow ink well. Some call it a misprint, but I think there a ton of books from that era, and before, that would have the same colour problems, and they are not considered ‘misprints’ or ‘variants’. My Savage She-Hulk #1s would be an example. I have vibrant red trade dress copies and some orangey copies. Shulkie is the same green colour, and the cornerbox blacks are same, so it is not fading, but low ink levels in one well. There is no determined print run on the ‘Blue’ Lizard, as the Lizard would have gradually got more blue and more blue as the yellow ink well ran lower and lower. From my research, it seems as though this only occurs in the silver edition and it has been ‘known’ about for at least 8 years. Here is a link to an article about the guy who claims to have ‘invented’ the Blue Lizard Variant.

Next time I am punting Spider-man books back to their box I will check out mine.

I got a blue lizard 15 years ago

Comic or real animal?