McFarlane Toys Announces DC Multiverse Dark Knight Returns BAF Wave


Color me unenthused. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Frank Miller’s TDKR as halfway blasphemous as that sounds.

Figures include Batman, Carrie Kelly Robin, Superman :man_superhero:, Joker in his white suit, with the BAF being Batman’s steed.

I may only pick up Carrie Kelly for the PC unless of course they pull a Killing Joke Joker on us, and make one of the figures an exclusive.

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Nice! Way better than Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction figures, and cheaper than MAFEX’s Dark Knight figures. It’s a win. This is how McFarlane has quickly taken over dominance in the DC licensing world and many other licenses.

People nit pick their molds and the quality of their joints and engineering, but for $19.99 they are smacking each and every ball out of the park.


I think they do GREAT molds and paint, way better than Hasbro. Articulation and character selection could be a little better.

I’m a DC guy and a McFarlane fan in general, but TDKR just isn’t my jam. I guess that is my personal hurdle that I need to get over with this wave.

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