McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Con at Home Announcements


As the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse geek I’d figure I would post what has been announced by McFarlane Toys over the last few days.

@drunkwooky I hope I’m not stepping on your toes. Also, how is the wife doing?

First up, they announced Reverse Flash. I think we all saw this figure coming from a mile away after they had released Rebirth Flash as both a single and two pack.

Next up is the Main Man himself, the last Czarnian… Lobo!!! This is a figure that many McFarlane fans have been asking for. Some collectors still prefer the Mattel BAF and others the Storm Collectibles figure, but considering one is an $80 figure and the other is a BAF that takes $80 or so in purchases to complete, I’m happy with this $20 offering from McFarlane.

Announced today is Superboy Prime from Infinite Crisis! This one may be the one that I preorder. I’m still on the fence about it as I am trying to limit my frivolous purchases (especially with a baby a couple months away). I think this figure looks great, and I like the silver armor as opposed to metallic blue, it really breaks up the monochromatic feel of previous Superboy releases.


No toe stepping. I can really only handle Star Wars related stuff and other news that passes within arms’ reach.

The wife is good. Kinda. Her perpetual, daily nausea has a new element-heartburn. So, that’s not fair. Doing my best to pick up the slack.

How’s yours?

She’s doing good, starting to get heartburn too after not having it for 2 trimesters. She gets it from weird things too like Gatorade Zero. Moving into 3rd trimester now in middle of the desert :desert: isn’t her most favorite thing. She says it’s a trade off for not having nausea at all pretty much.

My wife keeps telling me she didn’t know how good she had it with our first. No nausea, no heartburn, she thought she lost her figure, but looking back she looked amazing.

She’s still awesome on the figure front, but she is in the wars with nausea and heartburn.