McFarlane Toys Open Batman Three Jokers 7 Inch Figure Pre-Orders

So I plan on picking up this whole wave BUT I am confused about why the 3rd Joker (The Comedian) isn’t available for preorder. Initially I thought MAYBE he was a BAF but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I pray he isn’t an exclusive, especially a Target or Wal-Mart exclusive.

It stood out like a sore thumb to me as well when looking at this wave. There isn’t really any good reason to leave him out. The case size is 6 and the wave size is 5, leaving an open spot that they are just duplicating a figure in.

Entertainment Earth lists the case as having two Batmans. McFarlane’s own site doesn’t show the third joker.

Toyark is speculating its a store exclusive.

The third Joker figure, based on The Killing Joke, is not available with these listings, and is likely going to be a store exclusive.

Killing Joke Joker

If he doesn’t come with an Hawaiian shirt under that coat it is a major missed opportunity. Also, shouldn’t he have a pistol and not a crowbar?

Oh wait, that’ll be the Gold Label variant >.<

I’m hearing that the Comedian (Killing Joke) Joker pre-order has already sold out. This is BEFORE McFarlane Toys could even announce the figure’s exclusive retailer.

Yeah, it was bs.


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I NEVER pre order figures, but I had to pre order the Killing Joke Joker. Something tells me he’s going to be a ghost, like the GameStop exclusive Revan and Spider-Man PS4 figures.

I only grabbed one. I’m not greedy, probably missing out on some great flip profit though.

My guess is that the Walmart exclusive is a Hawaiian shirt version?

That would be such a cruel joke.

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Pun intended? Hahahehehehahah hoooo

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Killer Joke Joker is NOT a Gamestop exclusive…

Help me understand? I thought he was, per McFarlane?

No. Walmart had preorders for it too last month. Other retailers will have it.

I think Walmart has an exclusive variant.